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What to Look for in Vacuum Truck Rentals

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If you are researching vacuum truck rentals alone or with services, you need to be diligent about verifying what the rental or vacuum truck service company is providing you with.


Vacuum Truck Rentals

What’s included in the hourly/daily rental price?

  • Operator
  • Fuel
  • Piping
  • Elbows
  • Hoses

Is the vacuum truck up to date with all service procedures and safety inspections?

What happens if the truck needs servicing during the rental and how quickly can it be fixed?


If crew or operators are included, what safety training do they have?


  • OSHA HAZWOPER Training and Certification
  • OSHA Safety Regulation Awareness Courses
  • H2S Awareness
  • Vac Truck and Fluid Hauling Inspection Checklist
  • OSHA Confined Space Training
  • Fall Protection
  • Respiratory Training
  • Personal Protective Equipment Requirements
  • OSHA Electrical Training and Awareness
  • DOT Training
  • Training in Trenching and Excavation and Shoring Procedures

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Vacuum tank truck rentals can help your business in areas such as:

  • Extra contract work and you don’t have enough machines to do the work.
  • Some of your current trucks are in the shop being serviced.
  • One of your current customers has a special project that requires something you don’t currently own.
  • During the start-up phase of your business you would rather rent than tie up capital in equipment.


How Vacuum Truck Rentals Can Help Your Bottom Line

A vacuum pump truck purchase is a large capital investment. Renting the machinery is advantageous in many ways. Whether it’s a short term rental to fill in the gaps or a longer rental/lease, there are certain advantages from a business standpoint:

1Controls maintenance costs – When renting a truck for a short term, the maintenance is done by the rental company, thus eliminating your costs. For longer term commercial equipment leases, you can choose to do the maintenance yourself or, with some leasing/rental companies, have it included in the terms of the agreement.

2Reduced opportunity losses from downtime – With vacuum pump truck rentals, the machine will be replaced or repaired if something breaks down during a job. This assures you continuity with the work you’re performing.

3Better control on operating costs – Trucks can be rented only when it is needed and until you’ve signed contracts for work. This way you’ll know exactly what the costs are associated with a particular job.

4Access to latest models – By renting, you can always have access to the latest models from a vacuum truck manufacturer and the newest enhancements in technology that they might be offering.

5True test drive of a truck you’re considering buying – Renting a particular make and model of a truck you’re thinking of adding to your fleet is a great way to ensure that it’s what you’re looking for without making the full commitment of investing.
Sewer contractors who are unfamiliar with vacuum pump trucks and want to add this service to their business line can rent before making a full purchase. This gives the opportunity to use and handle the machine to fully figure out the specifications of the truck they need to buy. When it comes time to buy, it’ll be much easier to spec and choose the right one for the job.

6Reduces space required on your lot – Once the job is finished you return the truck to the rental company and you don’t need to store it at your facility.


7Longer term renting/leasing advantages

  • Lower monthly payments than commercial truck financing and no down payment – For startups this can mean the difference between getting into the game or not. Provided the business plan is sound, renting or leasing is a viable option because you can get started without incurring a large debt, without providing a large initial cash outlay for the down payment with reduced your monthly payments.
  • Capital is freed up for other uses – Important for startups or if your company needs to keep a higher cash flow, leasing avoids the large down payment and lowers monthly payments. Commercial truck lease applications are also easier to fill out than loan/financing applications.

  • Additionally, leasing does not affect credit lines, thus giving more flexibility with credit availability.

  • Equipment depreciation eliminated – Since you don’t own it, the machinery doesn’t depreciate. On the other hand you can’t claim this as a tax deduction.

  • Lowered taxes – A commercial equipment lease is non-taxable, thus you have one less asset to pay taxes on.


8Disadvantages to Longer Term Vacuum Truck Rentals / Leasing

  • You never own the truck and aren’t building any equity in your company. Overall cost of the equipment is always higher.

  • You need to continue paying for the entire rental/lease contract even if you stop using the machine.

  • Maintenance costs – depending in the contract, you may be responsible for the maintenance costs of the equipment. Thus, you are repairing trucks you don’t own.

And there you have it, vacuum truck rentals can ramp up your bottom line in many situations. Look out for our vacuum truck rentals company online directory.


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