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What Can I Expect To Pay For A Vacuum Truck Rental?

Vacuum Truck Rental Rates

Vacuum truck rental rates will vary depending on what type of equipment you're going to rent. For short term rentals you'll pay an hourly rate that usually comes with a minimum number of hours (often 4) set by the rental company. The cost will be higher If you need an operator. The following rates chart will give you an idea of how much you can expect to pay:


Vacuum Truck Sample Rental Rates
Vac trailer $50-100/hr $300-500/day
Vacuum Truck $80-150/hr  
Vacuum Truck w/ Operator $150-300/hr  


The rental company will also have a set of requirements that will have to be met before you can rent the vacuum truck:

  • Minimum hours for rental
  • Operator safety training requirements
  • Dumping charges - these will vary depending on the municipality (eg. $90/dump)
  • HAZMAT regulations - if you're transporting hazardous materials
  • Driver license requirements (eg. CDL A/B, Valid class B license with Tank & Air Brakes approved)
  • A credit check
  • Insurance - check what insurance is required. You may need to show all or some of the following:
    • Liability and Property Damage Coverage minimum (eg. $2,000,000)
    • Comprehensive and Collision Coverage with a ceiling set on the deductible (eg $1000)
    • The rental company will usually require to be named as “Additional Insured” and “Loss Payee”
    • The unit serial no. and /or chassis VIN no.will usually need to be listed on the certificate.


If you are looking for a local vacuum truck rental then just click search below to find
rentals in your area:


 Vacuum Truck Rental Rates

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