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A Sewer Inspection Camera
Can Save You Thousands of Dollars


Sewer Inspection Camera

A sewer inspection camera mounted on a flexible rod transmits high resolution images that visually inspects the interior of internal and external pipeline.

It is an effective tool for non-destructive testing, analysis and for cost-effective inspections. Sewer cameras are necessary for successful pipeline maintenance programs in underground infrastructure, pipeline and confined space inspection needs. They inspect sewer, water and stormwater lines as well as manholes, wet wells, vessels and electrical conduits.

Aries Pathfinder Sewer Inspection CamerasAries Pathfinder Sewer Inspection Cameras

Some cameras are equipped with radio transmitters that can be used to record the depth of the line and pinpoint exactly where sewer repairs are required.

Why Launch a Sewer Inspection With a Camera?

Envitorsight Verisight Sewer Inspection CameraEnvitorsight Verisight Sewer Inspection Camera
  • Prevention - it can locate pipeline cracks or find the starting of a blocked sewer line before it becomes a larger problem.
  • Damage location - it efficiently and quickly locates the problem area and pinpoints the exact location for physical inspection from above ground.
  • Analysis - a sewer cleaning video inspection can provide visual information on the type of blocked sewer and the type of remedy required.


A Sewer Inspection Camera is Called to Duty When These Symptoms Arise:

  • Strong sewage odor: a strong odor from vents, drain traps, sinks or unused toilets caused by a damaged line.
  • Clogged sewer drain: Sewer lines backed up when they are clogged or blocked. A blocked sewer line may be caused by the debris, grease buildup, damaged pipe or roots in sewer line.
  • Unnaturally healthy patches of grass: leaking sewer lines provide moisture and nutrients from the wastewater and feed the ground and grass - so patches of healthier looking and vibrant grass is an early indicator.


What a Sewer Camera Can Discover

Sewer Inspection Camera - RootsRoots in the sewer line

A trained operator can find the following:

  • Separated lateral joints
  • Roots in sewer line
  • Deteriorated piping materials
  • Cracked sewer laterals
  • Leaking pipe joints
  • Sagging drain lines

Sewer Inspection Camera - FrogOops, found a frog!

Once the analysis is done, sewer drain cleaners may be dispatched with specialized tools to provide sewer line cleaning services.

How a Sewer Inspection Camera Works

Sewer Inspection Camera OperatorA service truck with an onboard generator houses video monitoring and recording equipment and displays.

Sewer Inspection Camera to be Lowered into ManholeA powered reel with video cable protected by Kevlar or steel wire braid is lowered by a powered winch into the manhole, then the pipeline.

Sewer Inspection Camera HeadThe  sewer camera head has LED lights mounted on a swiveling head that can pan and tilt and transmit video information to the display above ground. Some systems have a series of lasers that measure the pipe diameter and obstructions.

Lowering the Camera DownWorker guiding the camera into the manhole.

Sewer Inspection EquipmentThe service truck parks at the manhole, which is the access point for the sewage line. Some sewer inspection cameras are mounted on a tractor that propels it through the line. Once the video inspection camera has been lowered into the manhole and guided into the pipe, the operator starts remotely guiding it via a joystick, moving forward through the line.
The whole video inspection session is recorded and when the cable reaches its end, it is rewound back into the truck.


Video Analysis

Analysing the VideoAnalysing the video onsite.

The recorded video from the sewer inspection camera is analyzed in further detail after the recording session. Changes in the condition of the sewerpipe will determine if a work order is needed.

If sewer line cleaning is necessary a root cutting blade may be used or a chemical foam may be applied to stop root growth.

If the pipe is damaged, vacuum excavation may be necessary. Otherwise, a trenchless sewer repair using new pipe lining technology can refurbish an old pipe by inserting a fabric liner, inflating the liner against the pipe walls, and then chemically make the liner rigid.

This device has dramatically reduced the cost of pipeline diagnosis and ultimately the cost of pipeline maintenance. Municipalities, sewer contractors, and plumbing contractors depend on the efficiency and productivity of the sewer inspection camera.


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