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Successful Sewer Cleaning - Professional Advice That Will Boost Your Bottom Line


Sewer Cleaning NozzleSewer Cleaning Nozzle

Successful sewer cleaning requires lots of knowledge and expert safety skills… or operator beware.

NASSCO published the “Jetter code of practice” manual describing the safe and efficient operation of sewer pipe cleaning and jetting equipment. It helps operators with cleaning techniques, equipment selection, and sewer cleaning operational practices.

The manual is written for operators of sewer jetters and the supervisors and trainers. The manual is the first of its kind written to help standardize language industry misconceptions. It serves as a knowledge base and provides operators a quick guide to efficient and safe sewer pipe cleaning operation.



Sewer Cleaning in ActionSewer Cleaning in Action

Here are a few chapters covered:

Conduits and pipelines

Describes several types of collection systems, detention facilities, combined sewers, and highway drains in North America and types of piping material such as high density polyethylene, corrugated steel, and vitrified clay.

A Clean Sewer PipeA Clean Sewer Pipe!


Installation and Repair of Pipelines

Installing and Repairing Sewer PipelinesSewer pipeline repair

Several conditions can cause pipelines to fail and require repairs. For instance soil conditions, material defects, installation problems, joint failures, and materials flowing through the pipes. Sewer contractors must be knowledgeable of these problems before carrying out any sewer cleaning operations or risk further damaging the pipeline.


Cleaning and Maintaining Pipelines

Roots in sewer line and other vegetation are located in pipes and where the joint has separated or cracked or if grease, sand and debris are found. Each situation or material requires a specific method to remediate the pipeline. Sewer pipe cleaningg operators must carefully manage the amount of material removed and monitor if pipe fragments are an indicator of a potential pipe failure and may require a detailed verification with a sewer inspection camera before proceeding with further cleaning.

Cleaning Roots in Sewer LineRecurring blocked sewer lines are symptomatic of a larger problem that reveal regrown roots in sewer lines.


Sewer Jetter Operating Procedures

Sewer drain cleaning operators must know the maximum working water pressures in order to avoid damaging pipelines. Regulating the water pressure is dependent on the pipes material, diameter, and structural condition. Sewer jetter operators must obtain complete pipe material, size, location and repair history prior to beginning a cleaning operation.

Abtech Sewer Jetter NozzlesAbtech Sewer Jetter Nozzles


Selecting Sewer Water Jetter Equipment

Sewer drain cleaners must be knowledgeable of the relationship between flows and pressures and the diameter of the pipe many different nozzle configurations and their applications determine job effectiveness and productivity.

Salotech Sewer Jetter NozzlesSalotech Sewer Jetter Nozzles


Equipment Safety

Sewer cleaning operators must maintain at regular intervals the inspection, maintenance, repair and replacement of key components. A high-pressure jetter hose must be closely monitored by operators for nicks, cuts, abrasions or risk hose failure and consequently serious injury or death.


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