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OSHA Training Online and Safety Checklist For Trenching and Excavation Professionals


OSHA Training Online - Vacuum Excavation

Vacuum excavation professionals can now receive their OSHA safety credentials through online providers. Now owners and operators of vacuum excavators can ensure technicians safety by provided easy and simple access to OSHA training online. Accidents are much less frequent using vacuum excavators compared to traditional trenching and excavation equipment, but nevertheless training should be part of a best practices procedure.

OSHA Training Online - No More Boring ClassroomsDon't get bored in the classroom - go online!




OSHA Training Makes Work SafeSafe work procedures while using a Ditch Witch

A hydro excavator is a safe, efficient, and effective alternative to hand digging within a designated tolerance zone when used appropriately. Use equipment according to state or provincial laws and or local ordinances.


Safe Work Procedure

Underground facility operators require safe trenching and excavation practices around their facilities. Some facility owners will accept a suction excavator as an equivalent to hand digging for daylighting their facilities.

Vacuum excavation is an appropriate method of excavating safely around underground facilities provided that:

1 The vacuum excavation equipment has been designed by the manufacturer for non-destructive excavation around infrastructure.

2 The equipment is operated in accordance with the manufacturers operating instructions.

3 The equipment is operated in accordance with practices providing appropriate levels of worker and public safety.

4 A documented company site safety program is in place and available for review upon request by a representative of the facility owner or operator.

5 Use of the equipment follows documented safe work procedure and job site safety plan procedures.

6 Documented job and safe work procedure practices meet facility owner operator guidelines.

7 Trained and qualified workers operate the excavation equipment. OSHA training online provides a fast and streamlined method for instructing workers.

8 The high pressure air or water spray nozzle and vacuum suction nozzle are specifically designed for excavating around buried facilities - rubberized coating on high-pressure air or water jetter hose and rubberized sleeve on vacuum suction nozzle..

9 The equipment complies with state / provincial laws and or local ordinances and facility owner operator restrictions.

Workplace safety tips should be readily available to workers and supervisors.


Operator Competency

OSHA Training will help workers to avoid and/or know what to do in excavation collapse emergencies

Vacuum truck service and excavation equipment shall only be operated by a competent person as defined by OSHA safety regulations. The technician must have knowledge, education and experience to perform the work and be familiar with OSHA training requirements and the regulations that apply, have knowledge of all potential and actual danger to health and safety in the workplace.

Best practice requires that workers have training recognized by industry defined work practices, follow manufacturer's recommended procedures specific to the equipment they are operating, and education specific to any known facilities in the area of hydro vac excavation. OSHA training online can provide a cost and time effective way to provide workers with the necessary knowledge.  

OSHA Training Online

Recommended Minimum Online Training Requirements

Qualified operators of vacuum excavation equipment include, but are not limited to:

  1. OSHA 10 hour training – Construction Industry – General contractor certification
  2. First aid / CPR Certification

  3. OSHA HAZWOPER training and Certification

  4. Traffic protection

  5. OSHA Electrical Training and Awareness

  6. Equipotential Bonding

  7. OSHA Confined Space Training

  8. Hydro vac excavator operator competency and equipment training

  9. Safe Site Inspections Training

  10. Excavation safety (OSHA subpart P)

  11. MSDS

  12. MSHA New Miner (24 hour)

  13. SafelandUSA Certification

  14. Line finders procedure protocol certification

In many cases, OSHA safety courses are available on the internet through online courses.

Onsite Safety with Trained WorkersWorkers trained in safety procedures make for a safer worksite

Advantages of OSHA Training Online

As an employer or as an employee there are a number of benefits to taking an online course versus the traditional teaching methods:

For the individual:

  • Course can be taken on the worker’s schedule
  • Course material can be learned at the pace of the person taking the course
  • Course material can be reviewed multiple times to help in the learning process
  • Sample tests can be taken to be familiar with the material before the actual test is taken

For the company:

  • Bulk discounts of up to 40% are offered for online courses
  • No additional travel costs
  • Courses can be scheduled according to the company’s time availability
  • Courses can be easily tailored to a particular industry
  • Course material is available at any time 24/7


OSHA Training Ensures Worker SafetyOSHA Training ensures worker safety

For more information regarding OSHA safety requirements and OSHA training courses, please consult OSHA Training Online. Owners and operators can also contact the equipment manufacturers for guidance on which OSHA online training courses to follow.

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