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Jetter Hose Fitting And Safety Guide


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A jetter hose is typically found on a sewer jetter – also called a water jetter, jetting machine, jet rodder, flush truck, and sewer cleaner. The ½ inch to 1 inch diameter hose is mounted on a high-pressure water pump.


Jetter Hose NozzleSewer nozzle head
Typical Jetter  HoseTypical jetter hose


It may have a water spray nozzle attached to clean sewer pipes. The sewer nozzle head is available in a variety of designs from pure cleaning heads to rotating cutting heads for roots in sewer line. The sewer cleaner heads have rear facing water spray jets that self-propel the hose and also flushes back debris to the manhole for catch basin cleaning.



What length of jetter hose reel?


Jetter Hose Reel

A sewer jetter machine can be fitted with a hose length of up to 800 feet. A pressure drop occurs as the hose gets longer as a result of friction on the inside wall of the hose. For example a 2400 psi pump at 70 gallons per minute to 400 feet long with a 1 inch hose can lose up to 1 psi per foot resulting in only 2000 PSI at the nozzle.



What’s the best diameter hose?

Because of the difficulty of handling jetting hoses, manufacturers design high-pressure, low volume pump with three-quarter inch hoses, however there is a loss of pressure at 40 gallons per minute, that is 2 PSI per foot.


Fitting sewer nozzle with sewer jetter

The size of sewer jetter, be it a small back trailer, or a large combination sewer cleaner, will mandate the correct nozzle size. Sewer nozzles are specific to the hose - that is a three-quarter inch nozzle must fit a three-quarter inch hose.


Hose safety

Sewer pipe cleaning contractors have to maintain scheduled inspection, repair, maintenance and installation of important components. The high-pressure hose has to be regularly inspected for abrasions, nicks, cuts to avoid catastrophic hose failure and serious consequences such as injury or death.

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Safety checklist


Jetter Hose Jedi PoseOH, you said Jetter Hose, not Jedi Pose!

Verify pressure rating and couplings and fittings


  • Prior to operating the hose, visually inspect assemblies, size selected and pressure rating.
  • Check for bulging, cuts, twists, flat spots, kinking, corroded or broken wires.
  • Sewer jetting nozzles should be inspected for cleanliness, unobstructed outlets and damage.

A tiger tail is a larger hose that is placed over the jetter hose and it is placed into the manhole. The tiger tail helps direct the hose assembly and also prevents wear and tear.

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Jetter Hose Manufacturer Color Code

  • Blue - Aeroquip (Gator)
  • Red - Dayco (Predator)
  • Orange - Dynaflex
  • Gray - Parker (Predatro & Paraflex)
  • Yellow - Piranha
  • White or Cream - Poly-Flow (Cobra)
  • Purple - Scheiffer
  • Black - Synflex (Street King)


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