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Glossary of Sewer Terms and Definitions


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Pipe rodding
Process of inserting a rod or cable with a cutting head attached and pushing, pulling and/or rotating it through a blocked sewer pipe.

Pipe cleaning
Sewer cleaning and removal of roots, grit and grease by hydraulic cleaning methods. Also called "sewer cleaning".

Point source
Any flows that come from the end of pipe or other identifiable source.

Material mixing and entering into sewer systems considered pollution

Any material entering a natural body of water, that reduces or impairs its quality and its use to the people – such as oil pollution.

Power rodder
Device that removes grease, debris or roots.

Sewer cleaning with high pressure water nozzles to then allow a sewer camera inspection find any problems in pipes.

Primary treatment
First stage of wastewater treatment that is sedimentation.

Private sewer
Sewer system that private owners such as homeowners and building owners use and are responsible for.

Public sewer
Sewer system that public agencies, such as municipalities own and operate on behalf of its constituents.

Contractor that removes and transports sewage or septage from an onsite sewage system.

Pumping station
A facility housing with pumps, valves, and pipes to pump water and wastewater.



Receiving waters
Body of water, either lake or river that accepts flows from non-point and point sources.

Retention pond
Pond designed to temporarily hold excess surface runoff.

Rod guide
A curved pipe directs rodding equipment through collection to clear blocked sewers.

Brand of chemical root remover from sewer pipes.

Rainwater that flows towards a sewer system or a body of water, that does not enter soil nor sewer system.



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