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Glossary of Sewer Terms and Definitions


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Sewer easement is a grant from a land owner to a municipality giving rights to build and maintain a sewer system on privately owned land.

A body of water leaving a man-made structure such as a water treatment plant, reservoir, basin or from a treatment process.

A municipal official authorized to deal with sewer contractors.

Environmental remediation
The removal of pollutants, such as soil pollution or oil pollution and to restore the environment to its natural state.

The Environmental Protection Agency. Also called US EPA.

Soil movement or detachment due to water flows.

Any leakage of liquids or semi solids from sewer pipe cracks and joints.



Foaming agent
A substance that forms foam used to remove roots in sewer lines.

Flusher branch
see "cleanout port"

French drain
A porous underground conduit that transports groundwater downstream.




gallons per day.

gallons per minute.

Gravity flow
Liquids flowing from a higher elevation down to a lower elevation as a result of the forces of gravity, used in the design of sewer systems.

Gravity system
A sewer system designed to flow water through the action of water.

domestic water flows from bathroom sinks, showers, dishwashers, kitchen sinks, washing machines. Does not include flows from toilets.

Gross Vehicle Weight
Total weight of vehicle including load – abbreviated as "GVW".

Water located beneath the earth and in soil and rocks.

A method of sealing sewer pipe joints against groundwater infiltration.

A ground device with grating and grit trap that receives stormwater into a sewer system.



Hazard Communication
Employee "Right-To-Know" legislation requires employers to inform employees of possible health effects resulting from contact with hazardous substances.

High pressure washer
A machine that cleans out debris, grease from small diameter pipes using high pressure jets of water. Also called "high-pressure cleaner", "high velocity cleaner", "hydro jet", "hydraulic cleaner", "jet cleaner", "jet rodder", "sewer drain cleaners", or "sewer jetter".

High velocity cleaner
See above, "High pressure washer"

Highway drainage system
A sewer system, including drains, designed to drain a highway.

Holding tank sewerage system
A sewage tank without discharge outlet requiring a sewage pumper to move sewage off-site for treatment and disposal.

Hydraulic capacity
Maximum flow a drainage pipe can carry based on pipe dimensions, roughness and slope angle.

Hydro excavation
A method of soil extraction by vacuum hose and holding tank and soil loosening by high pressure water hand lance.

Hydro excavator
see "vacuum excavators"

Hydro vac
see "vacuum excavators"


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