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Glossary of Sewer Terms and Definitions


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A diluted mixture that transports pesticide to its target.

Catch basin
A receptacle for collecting surface runoff or drainage and directs storm water to the combined sewer or underground storm system. A well or chamber in combined or storm sewers that prevents grit and debris from entering and clogging sewers.

Closed Circuit Television - see "inspection television equipment"

Centrifugal pump
A pump that has an intake and discharge outlet that uses centrifugal force to pump fluid through a pipe.

A pit that receives untreated sewage and allows the liquid to seep into the ground.

"Chemical Transportation Emergency Center" is the leading emergency call center for hazardous materials and dangerous goods.

Cleanout port
Clean out ports give access to home sewer pipes and are located either in the basement or outside the home close to the foundation. A covered or capped opening in sewer system allowing rods or snakes to clean out blocked sewer lines.  Also called "flusher branch", "sewer cleanout".

Clear well
A storage reservoir of filtered water.

Collapsed pipe
A sewer pipe that has been crushed by external forces, such as ground pressure, impacts or tree roots.

Collection main
A main pipe, or sewer main, that connects and collects wastewater from building laterals.

Collector sewer
A small diameter sewer pipe that transports wastewater from buildings to the main sewer pipe.

Combination sewer cleaner
A truck mounted vacuum tank and water tank that uses a high pressure washer, or water jetter with sewer nozzles, that cleans sewer pipes and, with an extended vacuum hose, picks up loosened debris, sludge, and grit into a vacuum tank. Also called "jet vac".

Combined sewer
A sewer system that carries sanitary flows, surface runoff and storm water.

Combined sewer overflow
Combined sewers are designed to bypass treatment facilities in the event of excess local surface water and send untreated sewage to local water bodies.

Competent person
Defined by OSHA; someone who is able to identify hazards that are dangerous and can correct the hazard.

A natural or man-made channel that carries flows from one point to another.

Covered pipeline or channel.




The act of digging to reveal and inspect the condition of underground infrastructure.

Detention tanks
Tanks in a sewer system that temporarily hold excess water from storms.

Direct runoff
see "storm runoff"

Domestic sewage
Feces, urine, contaminated water from residential and non residential buildings; not industrial waste water and storm water.

An underground pipe that carries wastewaster, stormwater or surface water from source to a sewer pipeline.

Network of pipes, conduits, channels whose purpose is to carry away stormwater from a source.

Subterranean pit, or structure that collect effluent, storm water and other liquids and let's it seep in the ground.


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